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Guided meditations can help bring more focus and balance into your everyday life. Be inspired by professional coaches in our online live sessions. Secure, flexible and without a subscription.

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Why meditation?

Carousel of thoughts, inner restlessness, sleepless nights. Everyday life requires a lot of flexibility and strength. You have to adapt, cope with the flood of information and withstand growing pressure. Meditation can help cast an anchor of mindfulness. Meditation is a mental exercise that trains your mind to arrive in the here and now and focus your attention. A regular meditation practice can help you bring calm and serenity into your everyday life. Studies show that regular meditation reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and increases the ability to concentrate. You will learn to consciously deal with new challenges in difficult phases of life and to find peace in the storm. And meditation is more than just a short trend. In fact, the meditation practice has existed for more than 2500 years and is now better known than ever. So, give yourself time for yourself and start your first online meditation.

Online Meditation - Personal from your living room

With our video sessions you have the opportunity to find an introduction to the world of meditation and to develop a soothing meditation routine. You can deepen your knowledge, get to know new types of meditation or try out different meditation techniques. Our online meditations have the advantage that you can start your day comfortably from home with a morning meditation or find peace in the evening with the help of an online meditation. In the video you will be personally guided by experienced coaches. Flexible, location-independent and without subscription.

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