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Brad Franco

Yoga | Newport / Köln

Zenspotting Coach Brad Franco

As a child growing up in 1990’s America, I was identified as a hyperactive child (ADHD) and was directly thrown into medications & extensive “therapy”. It became my way of learning about my brain and its “defects”. (only later did I realize these were strengths). At 21, my best friend at the time helped change this daily part of my life. He realized that there was more to my life than medication & therapy. And, he directly challenged me by asking me If I really needed daily “drug & therapy”. I decided (after much thought) that I would attempt to stop all medications and therapies, and commit to the real me. This was simultaneously the best decision and the most difficult work I set out to give myself. But I was, and still remain, a very determined person. Thankfully, I haven’t looked back on medications or therapy since. What I instead discovered was far greater than I could have imagined: Coaching & Yoga. The experiences I learned from 21 on taught me how to reflect on my behaviors and actions and the impact they have on my life and those around me. I learned that people can really help transform your life, and fully support you and your decisions. 

Movement was a gift my family lovingly showed my twin sister and I from a young age too. I associated movement growing up with feeling safe in my body, finding more connection to myself, and being joyful while sifting and sorting the countless thoughts in my head. (imagine what ADHD drugs do to your brain!). Movement became my way of pressing “reset”. It really allowed and still allows me to release whatever I am stuck on, and then regain a fresh insight as to where I need to go. From these experiences and learnings, I enjoy transferring this knowledge forwards. And often, some of the methodologies I incorporate in my coaching sessions and programs come with forms of body movement. As for my students of movement, I teach them how to trust and feel secure in their own body and mind so that they can move fearlessly forward towards a life of gratification, and walk the path ever growing.

The best way to transfer the knowledge we have is to pass it on forwards. and this is why I do what I do. But you must be the one to put in the effort. As it’s said, we can both see the path, but I can’t walk the path for you. You must walk the path yourself.

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