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Riccarda Kolb

Yoga | Dusseldorf

Zenspotting Coach Riccarda Kolb
“You are allowed to be both: a masterpiece and a work in progress simultanously”

Riccarda fulfilled her dream 11 years ago – her own yoga studio karmakarma in Düsseldorf. She loves the diversity of life. And so she is a studio owner, yoga teacher, stress prevention coach, energy mentor and author. Her yoga lessons are just as diverse and varied: dynamism, strength, stability, peace and relaxation paired with a lot of joy and humor. Even through the videos, Riccarda’s love for yoga literally jumps through. She loves the dancing aspect of yoga, but at the same time teaches accuracy and a strong focus on breath and meditation in her classes. Their motto: not only do yoga – be yoga!

Her focus is Vinyasa Yoga – a flowing, dynamic style that optimally combines breath and movement. From Riccarda’s point of view, this type of yoga is ideally suited to gently slow down after the diverse dynamics of the day and at the same time build up the strength that each of us needs to master the challenges of life.
Riccarda has been training Vinyasa yoga teachers for 10 years. In addition to Vinyasa Yoga and the yoga type Kunvinyi Yoga developed by her, she specializes in yoga workshops on stress and burn-out prevention as well as yoga for tinnitus patients.

It’s best to just close your eyes – and let Riccarda’s loving voice carry you through the exercises for body, breath and meditation. Attention danger of addiction!

Riccarda’s Sessions