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Jasmin Redweik

Journaling | Munich

ZENSPOTTING Coach Jasmin Redweik

“A moment of radical acceptance is a moment of true freedom.”

– Tara Brach


Jasmin Redweik, born and raised in Munich, is a passionate entrepreneur and coach who focuses on empathy and feeling. On her way through life, she has experienced how painful it can be to be far away from oneself and one’s own heart’s desires. In 2016, the urge for freedom and self-determination led her to found her first company, BALIS.

In 2020 she retired from the management and founded VISION PUNKS at the beginning of 2021. With VISION PUNKS Jasmin follows her heart vision and empowers people and companies as a coach to go their own, authentic way in life and to live their full potential. Free from imposed conditioning and the expectations of others. Because she has experienced first-hand that if we follow ourselves and our heart, then we are more satisfied, successful and fulfilled inside. And then we automatically need much less from the outside to fill us up – and that’s exactly what our world needs so much now: more people with full hearts and strong visions.

Jasmin’s Sessions